Purchasing a car is a unique experience, but it can also be particularly stressful if you're about to invest a considerable amount of your money on a single cash purchase. Maybe you have been saving for years to buy a car and avoid public transport. As a result, it's critical that you perform an extensive research and make a decision when purchasing a vehicle.

As a buyer you should consider it well when buying a car to prevent buyer's remorse, as certain details might be withheld from the buyer to portray the car in a much more appealing manner. In this post, we'll go over the pitfalls to avoid and al you should know when purchasing a used or repaired vehicle.

Make sure to check the mileage. This is obviously one of the things you should care about and shouldn’t ignore. Cars with extensive mileage tend to damage and depreciate which cause an impact in the performance and therefore the engine. Another component to check is the odometer as you could note it can be tampered by reconditioned sellers.

Sometimes the car may show a low mileage but somewhat it feel with wear and not normal, so be careful because the odometer might be reset or tampered. The interior of a car could give you an idea of the car usage, regardless the odometer it could be a hint if it has been previously used in extensive way. Check this out:

  • The krabe pedal should be worn in the metal
  • The driver’s seat is not completely worn
  • There would be not leak water on the floor mats

Research about the market price

Here in www.curacaocars.com we publish a lot of car models so that you can review and compare prices and its value in the market. Therefore you will have a value when you meet the seller or the buyer and will allow you to negotiate with that price in mind. If you go to a dealer, be aware of the differences between them before making an arrangement with any of them. This is so that you don't end up paying a higher price than it is worth.