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Building on 26 years of success as one of Hyundai's most storied models, the New Accent offers a completely refreshed design along with an unbeatable combination of performance, solid engineering and excellent build quality. With bold, modern styling, striking, crisp and clean lines, the all-new 2023 Accent delivers on all the premium features of safety, comfort and convenience.

Accent exceeds all expectations by delivering solid performance and agile handling. Whether you're navigating open highways or slowly weaving through clogged city traffic, you'll find the Accent to be a smooth performer, capable of providing you with all the cabin comforts you need to relax and enjoy the drive. Family cars have never been so much fun.


Whatever it may be, the Accent's futuristic design raises the high-tech factor and that will certainly attract attention. The striking grille features a bold new parametric design and chrome finish for a premium presentation.

The new Accent 2023 is perfectly sized, adding 70 cm in length, 29 cm in width and an additional 30 cm wheelbase over the previous Accent, and comes equipped with a variety of advanced safety features that will give you peace of mind knowing you're well protected. And all the essential comfort and convenience features are there, exactly where you'd expect them to be.


Customers can choose from three interior finishes: two-tone beige, two-tone grey and one-tone black, each with a choice of fabric trim. More refinement for your interior due to the change from high to medium gloss of the interior veneer and seat cover patterns.

The new Accent's star attraction, the Blue Pack System, enables fuel economy for more eco-efficient and environmentally friendly driving. An alternator management system controls the power supply to the battery, reducing engine stress by maximising energy regeneration during acceleration and deceleration, the benefits are obvious as both fuel consumption and emissions are minimised.


Imagen Fuente Hyundai LatAm

You'll hardly notice when this 6-speed gearbox is working. The automatic transmission is fast, smooth and quiet, but also very convenient. Its efficient design helps maximise fuel economy. For drivers who value economy above all else, the 6-speed manual transmission is the perfect choice. Clutch operation is easy and predictable and as you shift, you'll have a pleasant, precise feel. Kappa 1.4 MPI Gasoline/6 MT gearbox 99 hp@6000 rpm 132 Nm@4000 rpm.


ESC can detect skidding and using computerised technology, will automatically apply the brakes to individual wheels to counteract loss of directional control, help maintain vehicle stability and reduce the risk of a collision.