Car lights illuminate our path, warn other drivers of our presence, and we use them to send signals to communicate our decisions behind the wheel in Curacao. Keeping them in perfect condition provides safety and protects the lives of people with whom we share the streets or highways, especially at night.

Therefore, it is necessary to verify that each one of the lights of our car turns on and fulfills its function. Driving with a faulty headlight is a reason to receive an infraction, so we must make sure that they work properly to circulate. Here are 7 tips to optimize car lights.

1 - First Check
If any headlight is failing, it is necessary to make several previous checks before changing them, since the cause of not turning on may not only be due to a blown bulb, but there may also be faults in the electrical panel, a short circuit or a false contact in a switch.

2 - Read the car user's manual

If any light bulb has blown, then identify which one it is (headlights, sidelights, turn signals or hazard lights, reverse or brake lights, etc.). The ideal is to know which one is the right one for your car, that is why it is important to have your car's manual at hand to make sure which ones correspond to your car.

3 - Make your job easier with the right tools

If you have a tail light failure, first open the trunk and remove the plastic or cloth covering the bulb compartment. It is important to have on hand a small selection of tools such as pliers, a pair of gloves and a set of screwdrivers of various sizes and shapes. 

4 - Replaces light bulbs

Another tip to optimize the car lights is to carefully remove the bulb, do it with special caution so as not to break or loosen any of the connections. Always check that the car bulb you are going to remove is not hot because you can get a burn.

5 - Place it correctly

Replace the plastic covering the headlight and confirm that it is well sealed, as water or debris could enter the area and damage the inside of the headlight. The interior may also rust or moisture stains may appear and reduce the brightness of your headlights.

6 - Verify the location of the headlights.

In the case of headlight replacement, check what kind of mechanism your car has to remove the lights; it may have clips or screws. To loosen this type of compartment it is necessary to know the correct way to remove it because it can break.

7 - Original and replacement equipment
Regularly check the condition of your lights and whenever you need to change them, buy original bulbs, as you run the risk of running out of light for night driving, which endangers your life and the lives of others. As simple as it may seem, this detail can make a big difference.